Why don’t we talk about what is important? Automation & World Peace II

And what about world peace? What would you ask an anti-globalist? What was the best time ever to be alive?

This is part two from: Why do we not talk about what is important anymore? Automation & World Peace. If you have not done so, please read part one as well.

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What is the best way to ensure global peace?

Global interconnectedness has to rank among the best antidotes against war. It forces countries to focus on what they do best and work together. If the global economy is sufficiently integrated, it is so disbeneficial for anyone to start a war that the likelihood of it will decrease extremely. Globalization together with the threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction, are the main reasons we have very few wars. Moreover, technology and globalization have caused that global poverty has reduced so much recently. Whether we like it or not, precisely because of technology and the internet the world will be integrating more going forward. And do not forget we already live in the best time ever to be alive.


A democratic world government?

Another, but extremely unlikely, way to prevent war, would be a global government. If that ever existed, and was democratic, the Chinese and Indians would dominate it. This might not sound very appealing to a westerner. So, if you are afraid of war and the Chinese for example, a global interconnected competitive equilibrium is the best antidote, especially if you are a westerner. In this way, the west can keep out innovating and maintain the privileged position. This should look appealing even if you are a nationalist, as you maintain a privileged position without the need for war or even genocide. The most positive outcome if we all retreat nationalistically behind our borders, is leaving with the fear of destruction, like in the cold war. You can figure out the more negative outcomes.


Yet better than we have ever seen?

There is a trade-off we need to make between sovereignty and peace. In our current global setup there is certainly room for improvement, but it is the best example in history we have of a somewhat peaceful equilibrium. I think if we start looking at the right things in the right order, the future can be greater than history has ever seen. This is extremely important and we are not nearly talking enough about it, especially not in politics and in the media. There is just no way we can solve issues with a global reach if everybody only fends for themselves. To name just a few think about: climate change, super advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, and bio engineering et cetera.


Ask an anti-globalist

A simple example are the raw materials we need to even maintain our standard of living, let alone improve. It just so happens to be that they are unequally spread around the world. For example, much of rare earth minerals we need for our technology are found in China. Would you really like to go to war to go and get them? I do not think for a second that this is a good idea. And even if you think that it is a good idea, what if you lose the war? Not everybody depends on us, we also depend on others. I would always ask to any strong anti-globalist, left or right, how they realistically want to address global issues and maintain peace.


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