If you think my publications add some value to your life you can support them here. All content will also be available free of charge, so it is completely up to you. At first I thought this was an odd model. However, after some deliberation I think it is the best model, because the publication can still reach a large audience, even people who do not have the means to support and it is completely up to the people who have the means to decide how much. It only depends on two items, first and foremost the quality of my work, and secondly the consciousness of the visitors.

The more people who pledge support the more topics I can venture into, and I can expand to other forms such as, interviews, podcasts, videos, and books.  I would like to keep my publications advertising free, because I prefer to have full freedom. In addition to that, the adverting model is not very suitable if you want to focus on quality over quantity. Therefore, I would ask you to pledge a small amount if you see any value in the publications and you like to see the platform expand. If you are still in doubt follow on social media to see if it adds value, and please let me know what could change your mind to become a supporter.

Many thanks in advance!

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I am planning to publish several post per week, but no more than one that will be charged trough Patreon per week. In addition you can cap the maximum amount you like to spend per month and you can deselect any publication from charge that you do not like before the end of each month.