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About confusedness.com


If you are not somewhat confused you might have a problem. You could be a fundamentalist, or you are not thinking at all.


Philosophizing, semi-intellectual, trying to be entertaining blog, maybe a podcast and a book, about hopefully interesting topics to advance the world.


During the recent global political climate I started to be truly aware of my doubts. I seem to be suspending judgment much more often than before. Have I missed something? Can I be so wrong about many items? Can so many other people be so wrong at the same time? Has either side become extreme? Has everyone gone mad? Have I gone mad? As I am trying to clarify this for myself I decided it might be a good idea to write this down. Because I think many people are struggling with this. At least this is what I hope for the future of the world.

I by no means claim to have final answers. But trying to start asking the right questions is the first step. It is merely a work to help you to find the forest by yourself, and make you think and challenge your and others their views. This is evolving knowledge and thinking, therefore I am more than happy to have my views challenged by anyone. Some profound topics I skip over rather quickly and superficially for my own liking, but if this becomes even moderately successful, more than happy to delve into any topic more deeply. The purpose of this publication is to be accessible and setup good question and examples to advance thinking and conversation.




language errors and your ideas

I apologize for any language errors on the website in advance, I do this all by myself with no editorial help. Do not hesitate to point to any errors. I want to get the ideas out there and I am very bad at spotting language errors and I certainly not a linguist. Accepting the risk of looking unprofessional, I have decided to crowd source some of the editing to the readers. Thanks in advance. And, if you have any other ideas do not hesitate to let me know trough social media or the contact page. Many thanks for your interest in my work.


About the author

Among other things lifelong philosophizer. Part-time househusband, married and farther of two little children. In favor of conversation and asking questions, civility and not taking oneself all too seriously all the time, against strong nationalism, fundamentalism of any sort, political correctness, and shouting. Does not know much about any particular topic, but interested in many topics: science, economics, society, politics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, long-term prosperity, peace of mind, psychology, humor, everything in between and more.

I try to think things through thoroughly as unbiased as possible. Fairly rational, less developed emotional intelligence. For a long time harbored the irrational thought that most people are rational. Dutch lived around Europe, currently in Spain. Political views, nothing too specific, prefers a case by case approach and consensus, maybe anti-fundamentalism, anyway you tell me after reading my work. I would one day like to be and intellectual or a philosopher. Well I am philosophizing quite a bit, maybe acting out the verb makes you some sort of a philosopher. Intellectual is a bit vague. Maybe I would conservatively classify as a semi-intellectual. And maybe that is good and helps me to write accessible and entertaining publications. Again, please tell me afterwards.