And what about world peace? What would you ask an anti-globalist? What was the best time ever to be alive? This is part two from: Why do we not talk about what is important anymore? Automation & World Peace. If you have not done so, please read part one as well. […]

Why don’t we talk about what is important? Automation & ...

Are employment and work important? What is the biggest driver of job destruction? Why do we only talk about immigration and globalization? Would it not be great if we do not have to work that much? Why do we seem to want to work so much? Why do politicians not wan […]

Why don’t we talk about what is important? Automation & ...

Why do politicians over promise all the time? What did Plato and Aristotle think? What about a good dictator? Do we need democracy anyway? This looks like an absurd question and I do not think we should be running tests in reality. But implicitly we seem to be questioning how free […]

Do we need democracy anyway?

Should politicians always be allowed to say whatever they are planning to implement?  Do we need limits to the freedom of expression? Should the king be protected against offenses? Who decides what is offensive?  Should you be allowed to glorify terrorism? Who decides what terrorism is? If someone is sympathetic to […]

Freedom of expression is that important?

The case for Anti-fundamentalism So, you are confused. that is good you are thinking and probably you are not a fundamentalist. I define a fundamentalist as someone who is so convinced of his or her convictions that it is almost impossible to change. This can range from left to right, from […]

The virtue of being Confused?